Future Perfect

Future Perfect is a live, group choose-your-own-adventure in which participants take on the role of neighborhood council members in an imaginary society, debating and voting on policies that (they hope!) will deliver them to an ideal future.

10 decisions,

20 years,

3 ministers,

1 island nation,

and 4 possible futures.

The future in which players ultimately land depends upon whether they have succeeded in mitigating the worst effects of climate change and whether their society’s wealth has become more evenly distributed or more unequally concentrated. Faced with a series of political challenges, players must work together to navigate their way through this uncertain terrain—but they won’t be without help.

Throughout the game, Tomorrowland’s Ministers of Technology, Social Services, Work, and Sustainability (real-life, local doers and thinkers tackling these issues in their own communities) act as advisors and provide players with deeper insight into policy options.

The event concludes with an open Q&A led by the Ministers who leave participants with concrete calls to action, supported by access to Free Machine’s private Slack channel and our living bibliography on the issues presented.

Why Future Perfect?

Enacting progressive public policy aimed at lasting structural change will be key to unlocking a future that is equitable, sustainable, and abundant. But before we can expect to achieve such policy success, we need to instigate a cultural shift to support it.

How do we do that? With the most basic unit of culture: stories.

Future Perfect helps us find our way (back) to civic engagement and collective action, reminding us that in a democracy, policy comes from the bottom up, not just the top down. We can build an equitable, abundant future—but we have to do it together!


Each iteration of Future Perfect brings in new ministers who are experts from real-life organizations and institutions tackling issues explored during gameplay. Past ministers have included:

Cameron Bard Minister of Sustainability
Cameron is the Director of Market Development at Cypress Creek Renewables, where her oversees strategy and origination in the Northeast, with a mission to build a cleaner energy future from Buffalo to Boston, Hudson to Hanover.
Emily Musil Church Minister of Social Services
Emily is a strategist and thought leader combining the worlds of research, innovation, and global development. Dr. Church is the Executive Director of the Global Learning XPRIZE, and also works on education and outreach for the Foundation.
Vivienne Lee Minister of Work
Vivienne brings deep expertise to her role as Principal Consultant, Strategic Partnerships. Vivienne leads REDF’s expansion strategy, builds partnerships, and creates pilot programs that can serve as models as REDF scales a social enterprise ecosystem nation-wide.
Kat Pohlman Minister of Sustainability
Kat is the Sustainability Captain at UNC Wilmington, where she compiled the UNCW Sustainability Action Plan, including immediate and long-term goals to streamline benchmarking tools with the overall goals of the university and key stakeholders
Frankie Roberts Minister of Social Services
Frankie is a co-founder of LINC, Inc. LINC's mission is to educate and motivate youth to make positive life choices while empowering men and women returning from incarceration to be productive members of our community.

I was delightfully surprised by a role-playing experience in which strangers and I would discuss...imminent issues that are extremely relevant in our own world...and how we must tread thoughtfully but actively during this pivotal time in human history.


I've never seen anything quite like it. I loved how engaged people were in policy, the gamification of wonkiness. Fun and impactful.


10 out of 10. It brought amazing people together and gamified civic participation.

Interested in bringing Future Perfect to your city or organization? Would you like to serve as one of Tomorrowland’s ministers? Email us at info@freemachine.org!