About Us


Free Machine is a non-profit organization that develops creative programs to shape a high-tech future that is equitable, abundant, and sustainable.


What we do

We are an LA-based collective of artists, designers, urban planners, and policy wonks aiming to reshape the dominant narratives around technology, the public domain, and civic engagement using the tools of art and culture.

We create experiences that engage and challenge the public to collectively imagine possible futures where the fruits of emergent technologies are democratically owned. Our work is designed to generate the imaginative and emotional energy necessary to power institutional and policy change toward democratic oversight and ownership of technology.

The relationship between policy and creative practice is paramount to Free Machine’s approach: storytelling drives culture, and culture drives policy. Our work lives at this exciting nexus of tech, policy, and culture with the goal of unleashing an abundant, sustainable future for all.


Why we do it

Artificial intelligence and other emergent technologies are already beginning to change how humans live, interact, and thrive. These technologies will reshape society in our lifetimes and generate vast amounts of wealth. Who will enjoy the privileges of this new era of machine-produced abundance? Whoever owns the machines. Our goal is to orient society toward ensuring that this next generation of machines benefits everyone― not just an elite few.

What values do we embrace as a society? How do we collectively create a future based upon them, particularly in light of the uncertainties around automation and climate change? How do we become empowered to do so? What types of policies will facilitate these visions and goals? These are big questions, but Free Machine believes we each have a crucial role to play in answering them.

Let’s build the future together.