Future Perfect is a live, group game in which participants join an imagined society called Tomorrowland.

To make it to their ideal future, they’ll have to work together


Presented with automation or climate-change related predicaments, participants debate and then vote between two policy options. The winning option is enacted, we jump forward in time, and based on their choices, face a new situation.

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At the end of a twenty-year period, the group’s decisions have guided Tomorrowland to one of four potential futures.


Future Perfect engages the public in an imaginative and fun environment where they can learn about the complexity of tech & environment policy, with the goal of driving participants to become advocates for these type of policies in their local jurisdictions

I’ve never seen anything quite like it. I loved how engaged people were in policy, the gamification of wonkiness. Fun and impactful.
— Emily, participant

If you’re interested in partnering to bring Future Perfect to your organization or constituency