Free Machine awakens civic participation where emerging technology, public policy, and culture meet.

Future Perfect at Manny’s, San Francisco, 2019

Future Perfect at Manny’s, San Francisco, 2019

Who tells the story of our collective future?

Our images of the future are largely determined by private sector actors who are selling us a vision designed to benefit them and their shareholders.

How do we create space to envision a future that is based in democratic values: one that will be equitable, abundant, and sustainable? And how do we encourage individuals and communities to see themselves as having a crucial role in achieving this future?


Free Machine invigorates the public imagination by…


the public about the impacts of technology and technology policies on their lives right now -- and the major challenges and opportunities in the near-future.



through storytelling that invites personal identification and imaginative investment in what could be.


the public through partnerships and connections to substantive, relevant, and innovative policy advocacy efforts.

Future Perfect, Manny’s, San Francisco, 2019

Future Perfect, Manny’s, San Francisco, 2019

We achieve these objectives by developing creative programs and advocacy tools that give agency to the public to shape their ideal future.